Sonostar SmartWatch is a whole new fashionable smartwatch brand which can be used for so much more than telling time (although we do that too, with Style!). Via Bluetooth connection between the SmartWatch and your smartphone, it lets you check notifications of incoming calls, messages, e-mails and social networks, and uses the features of outdoor sports Apps readily. Sonostar SmartWatch is the pioneer of the 1.73” curved touch screen with e-Paper display, which is similar to that of a basic Kindle e-reader, so you know it works great even in bright sunlight. The Front Light automatically turns on whenever an alert appears, allowing for great power management. You only have to charge your SmartWatch about once a week in typical usage.

  • Sparkling design
    The touch screen with e-Paper display makes it easy to touch, tap and swipe your way. Whatever the occasion, the sleek and sporty appearance of Sonostar SmartWatch lets you show your sense of style. It comes in two colors, white and black.

  • Smart innovation
    Think of a small, convenient and stylish smartphone wrapped around your wrist, giving you notifications of incoming calls, messages, e-mails, tweets, reminders, sports apps, and music control, all at a glance!

  • Specialized Apps
    Powered by Sonostar “Sono Sports” and “Sono Golf” App, Sonostar SmartWatch offers you a fantastic experience on your wrist with no need to bother with another dedicated device. Browse new SmartWatch Apps on Apple store and Google Play for added additional fun and functionality.
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